10 Questions Answered in 10 Words or Less w/ @_thejayteam

1) What do you believe to be your biggest strength?


Jon: My creativity and ideas, but can't channel into one.

Jerelle: Jon. He pushes me past my own limits and insecurities. 


2) What do you imagine yourself doing 2-5 years from now?


Jon: Being involved in bigger collabs that impacts others to laugh.

Jerelle: Still hustlin' and copping shoes and ohhh.. house/family too!


3) What are you working on currently?


Jon: solscience, Sneakershields, Have Sole Clothing and DMG Laces.

Jerelle: Starting a new career (finally!) and what he said!


4) If you could sit down and pick one person's brain, who would it be and why?


Jon: Takashi Murakami, would love to pick his creativity and knowledge.

Jerelle: Too hard, everyone is just too smart in different ways. 


5) Words you live by?


Jon: Creativity is an art form, ideas are the first spark.

Jerelle: No expectations, no disappointments. 


6) Current favorite sneaker?


Jon: Jordan 1 L.A. got me back in the shoe game.

Jerelle: Air Max Zero Tokyo. Details on these are so AMAZING! 


7) Favorite sneaker of all time?


Jon: Nike Blazer "Vanilla Ice"

Jerelle: Jordan 11 pink snakeskin. I ABSOLUTELY NEED THESE! 


8) Favorite sneaker brand of all time?


Jon: Nike 

Jerelle: Nike Air Jordans


9) Favorite apparel brand?


Jon: Johnny Cupcakes, guess I like my name a lot lol.

Jerelle: It's not about brands for girls, it's about fashion...


10) Favorite athlete of all time and why?


Jon: MJ, of course. 

Jerelle: CP3 because his mindset is limitless, making others better.

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