What is ANTIDŌT®?

ANTIDŌT is a sneaker freshener that's been formulated to deodorize and freshen the insides of your sneakers. The formula's core ingredient is antimicrobial, which is designed to combat bad odors. The fragrance component is added to leave your sneakers smelling uniquely fresh.

Is ANTIDŌT safe on all materials?

ANTIDŌT is safe to use on all materials. However please use extra care with delicate natural materials (such as suede) and wipe dry after application, since color may bleed or darken if left to dry. We do not recommend spraying on the exterior of your shoes.

How do I use ANTIDŌT?

1. Shake the bottle to activate the formula.

2. In a well-ventilated area, hold your sneaker upside down with a slight downward tilt, and position the bottle to spray directly towards the toe box area. Apply 2-3 sprays, finishing with 1-2 sprays inside the heel and tongue area. Additional sprays may be applied if necessary.

3. Air dry.

TIP: If the odor is still present after repeated uses, extra sprays can be applied. Use a cloth to lightly scrub the inner walls and insoles (if removable, treat separately) to help penetrate ANTIDŌT into your sneakers. If this fails, your kicks are most likely in need of a deep clean.

How often should I use ANTIDŌT?

We recommend using ANTIDŌT as often as needed.

How long does the scent of ANTIDŌT last?

The scent can last several days, but will naturally dissipate over time. However, ANTIDŌT's main odor-fighting ingredient will keep your kicks fresh when left unworn. The best way to tell if it needs refreshing after wearing your sneakers is to simply smell for bad odor.

How long will a bottle of ANTIDŌT last me?

A single bottle can last up to 3 months with daily use (dependent upon your usage level).

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REFRESH Your Grails
If you're a collector like us, maintaining the freshness of your sneakers is undeniably important. ANTIDŌT can help keep your collection smelling fresh as they look. It's the finishing touch in sneaker cleaning.

REFRESH Your Pre-owned Kicks
Sometimes the only option to cop prized sneakers is a previously owned pair. This was actually the inspiration behind the creation of ANTIDŌT. We wanted to create a product that would eliminate the previous owner’s funk “footprint” inside the sneakers, plus make them smell fresh with a unique selection of premium fragrances.

Post-Performance REFRESH
We all have feet that sweat inside sneakers during physical activities. And each time we're adding layers of moisture inside them. This can eventually lead to some unwanted odor. In order to address this, the use of ANTIDŌT on a regular basis will help keep your sneakers smelling fresh.



Your feet contain 250,000 sweat glands! That's a huge sweat-producing factory inside your prized sneakers. Combine that with warmth creates a breeding ground for bacteria inside your shoes. So how do we combat the potential growth build-up of microbial funkiness? We put together a few pointer tips below.



  • VENTILATION - Always air-dry before storing your sneakers in a shoe box or container.
  • REMOVE FROM BAGS - Do not keep your moist sneakers after a workout in your gym bag. Take them out as soon as you can.
  • SOCKS - Socks actually help absorb and control sweat. Your feet actually creates a more humid and sticky environment when bare inside sneakers. If showing socks is not your thing, grab some no-show socks.
  • VINEGAR & RUBBING ALCOHOL - Avoid using vinegar or rubbing alcohol. It may sound like a good idea at first, but for us sneakerheads, the last thing we want to do is damage our prized sneakers. It may help with the funkiness, but you'll be left with a strong unpleasant smell and it could actually damage your insoles.
  • BAKING SODA & POWDERS - Be careful when using baking soda for odor control, since repeated applications can dry out leather sneakers. It can also make your insoles slippery, as with foot powders and talc (aka baby powder).
  • DRYER SHEETS - Dryer sheets may help with the smell, but it will not kill bacteria or fungi that could still be lurking inside.