We get so excited when we see and hear our customers tell us how happy they are using our products. Below are some 100% honest reviews we've gotten from people who have tried our ANTIDŌT® premium sneaker fresheners.           

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Perfect addition for my collection
Review date: May 30, 2022
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Citrus Chill
Finally found a shoe deodorizer that smells good for my sneaker collection. Totally works to keep it smelling fresh and new.


Antidot really works well and smells great
Review date: May 11, 2021
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Abyss
At first I was skeptical, about Antidot (waited a few months before posting this rewiew) Boy was I wrong about being skeptical. Antidot does exactly what it says. It kills unpleasant shoe stink away in just 2 quick sprays one for each shoe. And the Abyss scent is mildly scent, so that it doesn't smell like sharp medicinal power, like other shoe deodorizers.


Nicest smelling sneaker spray out there!
Review date: March 8, 2021
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Astro Punch
I'm a sneakerhead and have been looking for something made for people who understand kicks. I'm not into traditional smelling fresheners so I was glad I finally found this brand. The astro punch scent is dope. Recommend it for people that love sneakers.


Worth the money and actually does what it says
Review date: February 26, 2021
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Cool Watermelon
Hands down the best sneaker fragrance out there. Unlike most others that just mask or try to hide the smells Antidot actually eliminates the funk and provides a fresh unique smell.


Review date: February 10, 2020
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Future Fresh
I'm particular about smells and can say I absolutely love the smell of Future Fresh and it works like a charm! I just shake to activate and spray it in my shoes after some active use. Keeps them fresh and smelling pleasant. It's basically a deodorizer plus a nice fragrance in one. Kudos to this product!


Great product and I love the new scents!
Review date: November 6, 2019
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Future Fresh
Can I tell you this is the BEST shoe deodorizer I have used. The scent is great and it makes a world of difference!!! My kids play club ball so they play almost everyday, and the dreaded drive home is the worst! I have tried everything, and nothing beats Antidot! After my first bottle ran out, had to reorder 3 more bottles!


Gets the job done.
Review date: May 5, 2018
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Astro Punch
My feet tend to sweat a lot and the humidity doesn't help matters. I've always had an issue with shoe odor. In the past I've used Febreze which only masks the odor temporarily. This product eliminates the odor completely. It has a sweet citrus scent to it which is fairly pleasant. I hit the inside of each shoe with 3 sprays and they're good to go the next day.


Keeps Shoes Smelling Fresh
Review date: February 8, 2018
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Future Fresh
I decided to give this a go and couldn't be happier! After trying a bunch of other products like sneaker balls to help with my kids shoes, this just really worked. After soccer, basketball and dance lessons their shoes can smell bad, and this totally freshens up their shoes.


But you also need to have them smelling good!!
Review date: February 6, 2018
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Multiple
All you sneakerheads got to get this. Plenty of stuff out there to keep your shoes clean, but you also need to have them smelling good!!! Dont get caught when you unexpectedly are asked to take off your shoes, and the room gets a whiff of some funky shoes! Dont learn the hard way!


The spray is great smelling and goes on easily
Review date: December 1, 2017
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Kandy Kayne
The spray is great smelling and goes on easily. I just spray the shoes at night and let them dry. It has a light peppermint scent.


Works Perfectly
Review date: September 16, 2017
ANTIDŌT® Fragrance: Cool Watermelon
AntiDot is the only deodorizer I'll use on my shoes. All the scents smell great and aren't overpowering. They last a long time and work as advertised. Can't say enough good things about this company or their products.