10 Questions Answered in 10 Words or Less w/ @ehawker23

Evan aka @ehawker23 exudes pure positivity. Another supporter of ANTIDOT, the premium sneaker freshener and deodorizer that smells great! Check out his 10 Questions Answered in 10 Words or Less below... 

1) What do you believe to be your biggest strength?
Positivity - A smile and compliment can change your day.

2) What do you imagine yourself doing 2-5 years from now?
Sneaker photos and reviews - There is no ceiling.

3) What's the #1 thing you are currently working on?

Trying to improve my photo skills.

4) If you could sit down and pick one person's brain, who would it b


e and why?

Phil Knight - The stories and people he's met are awesome!

5) Words you live by?
With sneakers, buy what you love. Love what you buy.

6) Current Favorite Sneaker?
BrandBlack Rare Metal - Great style and performance.

7) Favorite Sneaker of all time?
Nike LeBron II

8) Favorite Sneaker Brand of all time?
Keep your collection diverse - Each brand has something to offer.

9) Favorite Sports Team of all time and why?
Chicago Bulls - Started with Jordan and I'm still a fan.

10) Favorite Athlete of all time and why?

Michael Jordan - Killer instinct to win and perform.


BIG shout out and THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that have checked out my IG feed. I really enjoy sharing my passion for sneakers and its AWESOME to see what everyone else is bringing to the table.

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