10 Questions Answered in 10 Words or Less w/ @hulsengaelofficial

Meet Gaël Hulsen. Currently residing in Belgium, Gaël is all about the sport of basketball with an impressive list of awards, achievements, and professional experience. But more than his accolades that impress us is his ability to stay clear and laser focused on his goal of improving in the sport of basketball. It's helped to build his character and has made him who he is today. Someone with determination, grit, team play and style. 


Gaël discovered us and reached out simply because of his need for a sneaker freshener and he's become a loyal supporter of the ANTIDOT and solscience brand using it almost daily, especially after a game or practice session. Here's our second 10 Questions Answered in 10 Words or Less. And for the basketball fans, check him out at @hulsengaelofficial and www.hulsengael.com.

1) What do you believe to be your biggest strength?


My determination in general and my defense on court.


2) What do you imagine yourself doing 2-5 years from now?


Still living through Basketball, somewhere. 


3) What's the #1 thing you are currently working on?


Not judging without knowing and my jump-shot for basketball.


4) If you could sit down and pick one person's brain, who would it be and why?


The brain of my girlfriend @_maysfit_ to know her even more.


5) Words you live by?


Never give up.


6) Current Favorite Sneaker?


"Air Force 1" by Nike.


7) Favorite Sneaker of all time?


"Air Jordan 11" by Nike / Jordan Brand.


8) Favorite Apparel Brand of all time?


Nike for the clothing and solscience for this revolutionary Antidot shoe care product.


9) Favorite Sports Team of all time and why?


Chicago Bulls "Chicago Bulls 95-96" for the trio, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. 


10) Favorite Athlete of all time and why?


Roger Federer. Always humble - calm - nice with the public - his approach of sport's professionalism is perfect.


Lastly, would you like to say anything to your friends, family, followers:


Thank you all for your support and your love.

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