10 Questions Answered in 10 Words or Less w/ @ma76bball

Michy Asquith, probably one of the best role models we know, reached out to us early on and it's been one of our strongest relationships to date. From introducing us to others to simply being an example of what a dedicated father, friend and disciplined athlete should strive for, we owe a lot to Michy. And, of course, he's in love with our ANTIDOT Sneaker Freshener! Here's a really small window into his mind. [Photo Courtesy of @ma76bball]


1) What do you believe to be your biggest strength?
Helping the youth and encouraging others.

2) What do you imagine yourself doing 2-5 years from now?
Still helping others and being an awesome dad!

3) What's the #1 thing you are currently working on?
Teaching my son about how life rolls.

4) If you could sit down and pick one person's brain, who would it be and why?
LeBron James.  His ability to take care of his body.

5) Words you live by?
Each one teach one.

6) Current Favorite Sneaker?
Brandblack Rare Metal Lightning

7) Favorite Sneaker of all time?
Brandblack Rare Metal Lightning

8) Favorite Apparel Brand of all time?
Nike.  Their DRI-FIT pieces are top notch.

9) Favorite Sports Team of all time and why?
Chicago Bulls.  I grew up on MJ.

10) Favorite Athlete of all time and why?
MJ. Unrelenting and accomplished.

Final Words:

Failures and obstructions are expected.  How we deal with these events and what we learn from them is key.

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