824: Thinking Of Kobe Bryant

In tribute to the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and everything he stood for, we decided to share and pay our respects in our own way. It only made sense to reach out to our good friend and true Kobe fan, Rrroberto aka @StangNHoops, to take part and share his thoughts on what Kobe Bryant meant to him.


His words below:


"Strength. Determination. Perseverance.


When I was asked to do this, I was overcome by a sense of awareness, an awakening. An experience in feeling like walking in someone's footsteps, even if just for a brief moment. I smiled. I felt proud. I felt... honored.  Kobe Bryant. That name exudes thoughts of strength. Winning. Hard work. An unbelievable drive towards excellence.


Some think of the championships, the awards, and the accolades. I think of everything that he had to sacrifice to try and satiate that unrelenting persistence towards his goals. The willingness to do whatever it takes to help make his dreams a reality.  


Then, I think of the stories told by those close to him about how no matter what, he didn't try to compromise what he loved the most. His family. He was a man who pushed to perform at his job in the best way imaginable, but he still wanted to figure out how to make that work along with spending as much time as possible with his family.  


His work ethic garnered my respect. His love for his family is what gained my regard. Watching his evolution from player to father was something that earned not just my attention but my gratitude. He went from professional sports hero to a human being. He became relatable.  


I wish that I could have thanked him for the lessons, the reminders, and the revelations. I wish that I could have shaken his hand and given him a nod. Kobe, thank you for being a reminder of what it means to give it our all so that we can be the best possible version of ourselves. From process to belief. That is from you, for all of us. 


Honor. Loyalty. Family. Gone but not forgotten."

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