g•leth•r (short for Glue + Leather + Rubber) aka that Deadstock New Sneaker Smell

This is a milestone for us -- we've created our first rendition of it. And we're finally ready to unveil it for you to try. That Fresh-off-the-Assembly-Line, Sneaker Factory Smell. We've also had the pleasure and opportunity of having @jeffstaple take a sneak sniff at the Agenda Show earlier this year and his words were, "It smells and reminds me of a vintage sneaker factory."
For those of you that enjoy (and have been waiting for) that Box Fresh sneaker smell, we feel that we've finally been able to capture its essence. We can best describe the scent as a blend of glue and leather with a hint of rubber. And we're code naming it g•leth•r (short for Glue + Leather + Rubber). The process of creating this aromatic blend is quite complex and challenging, and therefore may not be available on a regular basis. Also, we still haven't fully worked out the details of what's to come next, but for now, we're producing and releasing our first, limited-run batch and will do so exclusively through our Inner Circle. We're excited to finally rollout the Beta Version of ANTIDŌT® g•leth•r -- the sneaker fragrance we've been working on since the inception of the brand

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