Imprint Lab's 8 Questions w/ sōlscience

Imprint Lab did a quick interview on us, the founders of solscience and our inaugural product, Antidot sneaker fragrance. Here's a little excerpt below..


When your shoes start to smell a little funky, solscience has your back. Co-Founders, Kent and Daichi, launched a 2 oz. premium scent called ANTIDŌT that comes in two scents, Cool Watermelon and Future Fresh. I got to ask them about their day-to-day along with their love for the sneaker culture and officially launching their first sneaker product.


How did solscience come about? What’s your story?  

In the beginning, we were actually working on a completely different project, a stationery-related product. And then one day, during a drive back home from doing some market research, we started talking about a basketball-related performance product concept and we haven’t looked back since. We submitted our idea to your FastPitch around June of 2014 and the journey has led us to creating our own brand and launching our first product – a sneaker fragrance freshener. What’s interesting is, this product wasn’t even part of our initial pitch!


Read the rest of the interview here.

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