Introducing Galactic Ice [Black Edition]

Earlier this year on Valentine's Day, we revealed our ultra-premium ANTIDOT® [Deodorizer + Fragrance] by solscience sneaker freshener, Galactic Ice, our most expensive sneaker fragrance + deodorizer formula release to date. Each bottle contained 1.50 carats of natural, polished diamonds to capture the visual element of iciness.

We recently decided to release a variation in the form of Galactic Ice [Black Edition]. The same Galactic Ice formulation is used, featuring a scent that has an upfront, seductively sweet aroma that leads into a clean-crisp finish, but with its own unique twist on presentation.
"We received positive feedback on the fragrance and wanted to put a spin on the original Galactic Ice. We wanted to create something special again, but at a lower price point. We focused on keeping it consistent with the elevated theme of a sneaker freshener that's shelf worthy enough to be in the company of your fragrance bottles," says Daichi Nakagawa, sneaker collector and solscience co-founder.
[Black Edition] utilizes the same glass vessel along with an updated spray head that’s slightly more compact to give a bolder look and feel. And instead of diamonds, 45 natural, black onyx stones will be submerged inside the one ounce glass atomizer spray bottle, providing a unique and contrasting visual element of black ice.

Each bottle is encased in a black acrylic box and includes < Mi > (a new Micro pocket atomizer spray), a golden mini funnel and a pipette. 

Galactic Ice [Black Edition] will be priced at $130 USD per bottle and is available now.
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