Mocha Fresh ANTIDŌT for DEADSTOCK Coffee

"Coffee Should Be Dope" - When we first met Ian Williams of DEADSTOCK Coffee at HoopCon in May of 2019 (through Clark of Shirts & Skins and Rob of BBALL Junkies), we thought their establishment was such a dope idea. A coffee shop where sneakerheads can kick it! We'd been playing around and testing the idea of a coffee-scented sneaker freshener for some time (per Ian's suggestion) and realized it could be done.

Sidenote: Ian has such an interesting story, not to mention his own shoe, the Nike 'Wet Floor/Caution' Dunk High SB, with a really dope visual tie-in. (If you don't know, now you know.)

Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic hits, and while we've been really low key working on projects remotely and communicating mainly via calls and Zoom, Covid hadn't seemed to stop the DEADSTOCK Coffee crew from continuing to physically and creatively spread the DEADSTOCK vibe via the Coffee Champs Tour and other means.

When we saw they were planning to stop by Los Angeles as part of their tour, we took advantage of the opportunity and met Ian to gift him with our DEADSTOCK Coffee version of the Mocha Fresh ANTIDŌT scent that he had asked about.


We weren't sure if we' were actually going to release the DEADSTOCK version of Mocha Fresh, but recently, even with an ultra-busy schedule, Ian blessed us w/ a DM saying that it'd be cool to throw some of the limited bottles up on our site.


Thank you Ian Williams and DEADSTOCK Coffee. It's an honor.


Aside from the DEADSTOCK Coffee Crew that has a batch for their friends and family, we're offering an ultra-limited batch of the DEADSTOCK version of our Mocha Fresh ANTIDŌT exclusively for you.


Because coffee (and sneaker fresheners) should be dope!



DeadStock Coffee is a Sneaker-Themed Coffee Shop based in Portland, Oregon, the undisputed sneaker capital of the world. Learn more about them here and make sure to stop by when in Portland.

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