@nightwing2303 practices safe unboxing w/ the UNBX™ Key

Super stoked that co-founder and die-hard fan, Daichi Nakagawa, reached out to one of his sneaker review heroes, @NightWing2303 - founder of WearTesters.com, sneaker reviewer and arguably the most trusted performance tester of basketball sneakers and basketball related products of his kind. Now a friend of the brand, we sent NightWing2303 a beta version of our unreleased UNBX™ Unboxing Key - and he loved it.


The UNBX Key features a puncturing component that will initiate a smooth, tape-cutting, glide action and a serrated blade to assist with those stubborn unboxing situtations caused by stringy packaging tape. It's designed to be the ultimate convenience tool to safely unbox your newly purchased kicks without damaging the precious box inside.


The inspiration was actually the Adidas tape...it states, “do not open with sharp instrument” - so we figured why not make an unboxing tool that won’t cut the shoe box inside?

Hence the UNBX key, where the blade length is short and safe enough to use without the worry of sneaker box damage.

Plus, it’s also designed in a way so that when you hold the key, your fingers also act as a “stopper” so that you can’t go too deep with the key.

Ben Baller and Matt Halfhill both thought it was a dope idea when we teased it awhile back on IG.  We're still unsure when we'll release this as we're still in the development phase. But peep the video to see one of a very limited number of test samples put to use! (Ironically and unfortunately, NightWing's "Homage to Home" AJ1 box already came damaged.) =(

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