The D/S Pack Kaizen Story (Pt. 2/2)

(You can read it here if you haven't already.)
Outside of our relentless quest to perfect the ANTIDŌT® Dead Stock scent, we've been toying around with a separate idea in parallel:
"Combo-Spraying" your kicks with different ANTIDŌT fragrances.
This idea was initially inspired by the "What The" Nike series, which is a mash up of different colorways and then more recently the "Why Not?" for Westbrook's Air Jordan 31 hybrid kicks, which was technically an Air Jordan 30.5 (the name represents the tech mash up of the AJ30 and AJ31).
On a related note, a good friend of ours also happened to mention that Tom Ford (an American fashion designer, film director/producer, and screenwriter - gaining fame as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent), says he sprays himself throughout the day with different scents and that by the end of the night he's like a potpourri of aromas.
Considering that our ANTIDŌT line is offered in various fragrances, why not spray different scents into one shoe?
And that's when it clicked.
Since the dead stock smell is essentially a combination of textile, glue, leather and rubber, the idea of deconstructing the scents came to mind. Applying this idea to the original Dead Stock scent could help personalize the experience and make it custom and unique for the user! 
Even more recently, another idea struck due to the problem of the current dead scent seemingly smelling a bit much too literal - too industrial. So the product development continues for even more new discoveries and pathways, as we are continually learning from the process.
The beauty of it all? We still aren't 100% certain what we plan to do. The name alone has changed from Hyper Fresh D/S to g·leth·r and now to The D/S Pack. And more importantly, there have been numerous iterations of the actual fragrance formula.
And so after a year and a half, we feel we're finally close to figuring out this riddle and have been collecting different pieces of the puzzle along the way that's helping to reveal the bigger picture we didn't even know existed.
This is part of the reason why we formed this company.
We want to simply create our own lane by presenting innovation through our own lense and experiences.
More to come...
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