The Deadstock Leather Scented Sneaker Freshener

The Fresh Since ANTIDŌT®️   

6 Years in the Making to Recreate the DeadStock Smell Sneaker Freshener


sōlscience®, makers of ANTIDŌT®️ Sneaker Fresheners, in collaboration with Since Apparel, a nostalgia-driven apparel brand, will very soon release the "Fresh Since" ANTIDŌT, a deadstock leather-scented sneaker freshener.

The original idea behind creating the ANTIDŌT Sneaker Freshener was a "deadstock" shoe deodorizer for sneakerheads - the new sneaker smell encapsulated inside our sneaker deodorizer spray.

Leather is one of the critical components of the deadstock scent and a big part of the inspiration behind the ANTIDŌT collection.

The deadstock leather fragrance has been something we've been trying to perfect since the inception of the brand in 2016. The development process has been a long and holistic journey including numerous rounds of samples being sent to Chris (aka @nightwing2303 of and Since Apparel).

Chris is known to be an aficionado of the new sneaker smell and often starts his new sneaker reviews with his nose entering inside a sneaker to get that addicting hit off the new sneaker smell. It has now even become a thing where his fans often tag him on Instagram sharing photos of themselves getting "high" off of the new sneaker smell. Viewers of his WearTesters YouTube channel know he is very particular when it comes to getting things just right. So needless to say we were ecstatic when we finally heard back from him saying that we got it 100% spot-on with the leather scent.

"I've been a fan of Chris and his basketball sneaker performance reviews for a very long time and it's been super dope to be able to form a relationship and work on a project together," says sōlscience co-founder Daichi Nakagawa.
The Fresh Since ANTIDŌT is a play on the 90s nostalgic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air starring Will Smith who famously wore the Air Jordan 5 in the early episodes. We felt the nostalgic era and sneaker tie-in was just right for this collaboration.

The scent can be best described as the essence of what a sneakerhead experiences when opening up a fresh box of deadstock kicks. It's like stepping into a sneaker stockroom at your local footwear store. The freshener smells of real, thick, genuine, quality leather that's been bottled (and sneakerheads know most releases nowadays are unfortunately missing that scent).

Spray a few pairs, close your eyes and imagine yourself being in the middle of a room filled with your favorite pairs of deadstock sneakers.

In Chris's words, "A pure leather smell, like an old watch strap, purses, boots. When a shoe smells like that, then you know they used some really good sh-t." You can thank him for the experience. #NightwingKnows #NightwingApproved

sōlscience and Since Apparel will be accepting orders for the Fresh Since leather-scented ANTIDŌT beginning Saturday, October 1st, 2022 (PST) via

Fresh Since

Fresh Since in collaboration w/ Since Apparel

Fresh Since w/ Air Jordan 5 Dark Concords

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