The Light.

We wanted to share two stories. One to express hope and the other to express the need to take things seriously. In our minds, they go hand in hand. (Psst, and read until the end, we've got a fun offer you won't want to miss!)


So many mixed emotions ranging from fear of the unknown to worries of xenophobic hate crimes. The distress from small business struggles and unemployment woes to the repulsive disturbance of COVID-19 scam stories. Empathy towards those fighting on the front lines to save lives at risk, on-and-off panic from a quickly deteriorating stock market and global economy, conspiracy theories, and uneasy thoughts of what a post COVID-19 future holds for our children as well as what the near-term future holds for our elders and susceptible. It's surreal. End-of-the-world, movie-like vibes. We're all experiencing mixed emotions in our own ways.

But we can't forget the silver lining. The potent hope of a new, kinder, more enduring world rising from the ashes - strength through solidarity. Real positive change. Big picture change.

So many varying emotions in various doses differing from one person to another. It's the gift and the curse of being human, I guess. The gift being that we have the ability to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us see it brightly while others may not yet be able to see it at all. As a singular human race, let's all look for it, head towards it, and help others begin to believe it's there in the best way we can.

Especially if we're young, vibrant souls. Onward. Upward.

Instead of letting the sound of a cough from someone with a skin color different than yours bring about malignant feels, reprogram your brain - REPROGRAM YOUR HEART - to signal acts (or at least thoughts) of compassion, not ignorance. You can choose to look for opportunities or you can choose to look for obstacles. Whichever you choose, 'that' is exactly what you are going to find. I guess that's the curse - that humans can go either way.

The gift must trump the curse. Let's flip the script on 'em, keep an open mind and do our best to keep calm, be kinder, and carry on. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Patient 31"

This story exemplifies how one person can spread the virus to thousands of people. 

On January 29, "Patient 31" is asymptomatic. She traveled to crowded spots in Daegu (South Korea), as well as in the capital city of Seoul. She attended (church) services on February 9 and again on February 16. The woman went to a buffet lunch with a friend at a hotel. On February 18, health authorities announced she was the country’s 31st confirmed case. In only a matter of days, those numbers had soared as hundreds of people at the church and surrounding areas tested positive. Another smaller cluster emerged from a nearby hospital in Cheongdo, a county close to Daegu. Authorities are investigating links between the church in Daegu and a funeral service at the hospital, which a number of church members attended. If confirmed, it means Patient 31 could be linked to both clusters. As of March 18, this Church cluster accounts for at least 60% (5,016 linked infections) of all cases in South Korea. Please think about your community.

Read "Patient 31" unabridged version here.

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