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What is ANTIDŌT®?

ANTIDŌT is formulated to deodorize and freshen the insides of your shoes. The formula's core ingredient is antimicrobial. DO NOT directly inhale the product.

Is ANTIDŌT safe on all materials?

ANTIDŌT is safe on all materials except certain natural materials, such as suede (color may darken if left to dry). We do not recommend spraying on the exterior of your shoes.

How do I apply/use ANTIDŌT?

1. Shake the bottle to activate the formula.

2. In a well-ventilated area, hold your sneaker upside down with a slight downward tilt, and position the bottle to spray directly towards the toe box area. Apply 2-3 sprays, finishing with 1-2 sprays inside the heel area. If you overspray, simply wipe with a cloth.

3. Air dry.

4. Repeat steps if needed.

TIP: If the odor is still present after repeated uses, extra sprays can be applied. Use a cloth to lightly scrub the inner walls and insoles (if removable, treat separately) to help penetrate ANTIDŌT into your sneakers. If this fails, your kicks are most likely in need of a deep clean.

How often should I use ANTIDŌT?

We recommend using ANTIDŌT as often as needed.

How long does the scent of ANTIDŌT last?

The scent can last several days, but will naturally dissipate over time. However, ANTIDŌT's main odor-fighting ingredient will keep your kicks fresh when left unworn. The best way to tell if it needs refreshing after wearing your sneakers is to simply smell for bad odor.

How long will a bottle of ANTIDŌT last me?

A single bottle can last up to 3 months with daily use (dependent upon your usage level).

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