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ANTIDŌT® - TayTay's Sakura Breeze [Travel Set]

ANTIDŌT® - TayTay's Sakura Breeze [Travel Set]

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Our second, female-oriented ANTIDŌT® drop (although confident gents can equally appreciate) intended for the ladies that cherish their grails and appreciate fragrances. Introducing Sakura Breeze, a premium sneaker fragrance [+deodorizer] with an airy, floral scent, reminiscent of cherry blossoms. Sakura Breeze was developed in collaboration with Taylor Davis [@taytayd1120], an avid sneaker lover with a collection that rivals most. You might recognize her best when she's in her favorite #InvertedJumpman pose. It's Sakura Breezy SZN.

Scent Notes

Sakura Breeze is a light and delicate premium fragrance that'll give your kicks the ultra-fresh pampering they deserve. Calm and airy like the spring morning breeze, it'll refresh the insides with a pleasant and relaxing floral scent of cherry blossoms. Go ahead, show some breezy love to your prized sneakers. It's Sakura Breezy SZN.

Fragrance Strength Level: 5/10


  • 2 oz. premium fragrance sneaker freshener (lasts up to 3 months with daily use)
  • Spritz Travel Pack includes: Future Fresh, Cool Watermelon, Astro Punch, Sakura Breeze
  • Translucent formula safe on all materials - use extra care around suede
  • Formulated in the U.S.A.


  • Shake well to activate formula
  • Hold each sneaker upside down, spray 3 ~ 5 pumps inside
  • Air dry and enjoy
  • Use as needed to refresh your kicks
  • Store at room temperature and keep away from sunlight

 Perfect For

  • Pre-Owned Kicks
  • Post-Athletic Activities
  • Sneaker Collection Refresh
  • The Finishing Touch in Sneaker Cleaning

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