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ANTIDŌT® - Blu Nebula

ANTIDŌT® - Blu Nebula

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This fragrance was inspired by my son's favorite blue raspberry candy. To come up with a fitting name, we researched galactic marvels and finally decided on one that represented the color blue - a blue nebula. We explored numerous imagery and effects in order to convey this exciting new fragrance for that heightened visual appeal. The end result is a manifestation of our most stellar label design yet, a nebula with glowing specks of stars floating in the universe. Elevating the definition of fresh to the next level.

ANTIDŌT Blu Nebula.

So Fresh it Glows.

Each glowing bottle has been individually hand-made.

Scent Notes

A fresh aromatic blend of ripened raspberries and deliciously sweet blue cotton candy. The scent finishes with a hint of tartness. Perfect for colorful, futuristic kicks in your sneaker collection. Pairs well with Air Foamposites.

Fragrance Strength Level: 5/10


  • 2 oz. premium fragrance sneaker freshener
  • A single bottle lasts up to 3 months with daily use
  • Translucent formula safe on all materials - use extra care around suede
  • Formulated in the U.S.A.


  • Shake well to activate formula
  • Hold each sneaker upside down, spray 3 ~ 5 pumps inside
  • Air dry and enjoy
  • Use as needed to refresh your kicks
  • Store at room temperature and keep away from sunlight

 Perfect For

  • Pre-Owned Kicks
  • Post-Athletic Activities
  • Sneaker Collection Refresh
  • The Finishing Touch in Sneaker Cleaning

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