ANTIDŌT by sōlscience Sneaker Freshener Midnight Cherry Sneaker Spray
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Midnight Cherry Jumpman Bostic Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer and Fragrance with Advanced Odor Neutralizing Formula Kool-Aid
ANTIDŌT® - JumpmanBostic's Midnight Cherry
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ANTIDŌT® - JumpmanBostic's Midnight Cherry

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It was back in June 2016, where we recognized and approached @JumpmanBostic at Sneaker Con LA. We did the usual greet-and-selfie shot and gifted him a bottle of our debut ANTIDŌT® fragrance. Since then, we've slowly developed a relationship and about a year later we ended up launching a collab scent together. It all happened organically, and we are grateful and blessed to have met such a humble person with an amazing sneaker collection (1,000+ pairs!).

Growing up in the Bostic household, there was always a cabinet full of his favorite Kool-Aid flavor packs, Black Cherry. So Cherry was a scent choice that came to him right away, since it reminded him of the joys he had during his childhood. And to tie in his personal life a touch more, we chose to add Midnight, inspired by the midnight shifts Bostic served as a Detroit police officer and security officer for over 20 years. This is a must-cop ANTIDŌT, especially if you're a Jumpman Bostic fan and supporter!

Scent Notes

A dark, bold, and sultry black cherry scent that's sophisticated enough to satisfy even the most discriminating sneakerhead.

Fragrance Strength Level: 7/10


  • 2 oz. premium fragrance sneaker freshener
  • A single bottle lasts up to 3 months with daily use
  • Translucent formula safe on all materials - use extra care around suede
  • Formulated in the U.S.A.


  • Shake well to activate formula
  • Hold each sneaker upside down, spray 3 ~ 5 pumps inside
  • Air dry and enjoy
  • Use as needed to refresh your kicks
  • Store at room temperature and keep away from sunlight

 Perfect For

  • Pre-Owned Kicks
  • Post-Athletic Activities
  • Sneaker Collection Refresh
  • The Finishing Touch in Sneaker Cleaning


Quick Demo by JumpmanBostic